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Thank You For Coming To My TED Talk (Part 1)

October 5, 2021

It's the Season 3 premiere of The Launchcast and we've spared no expense to bring you the most power-packed premiere that we've ever had! Okay, we didn't spend any money but we have 5 guests and they're all bringing the thunder as we talk about leadership on the red dot. That's right, it's part 1 of our TEDx roundtable with a room full of TEDxFarmingdale alumni who are talking about the origins of their ideas worth spreading, the journey to the TED stage and the aftermath of presenting a TEDx talk. Stand back...ideas are spreading hard AF.

Roundtable members and their TEDx talks:

Dave Thompson: https://youtu.be/NOXaJ3AFGLk

Audra Donroe: https://youtu.be/DpnBijO2lUs

Kate MacKinnon: https://youtu.be/eYHB86pICEQ

Marisa Zalabak: https://youtu.be/HdYrjmvUAfw

LeRon Barton: https://youtu.be/leMRgyHq_yo

Hosted by entrepreneur and keynote/TEDx speaker George Andriopoulos.

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This episode is sponsored by TEDxFarmingdale 2021: Origins & Evolution

All ideas have a starting point but what happens when we allow ourselves to be satisfied with the notion that ideas have an endpoint as well? Can ideas evolve and reimagine their original purpose? Our 3rd annual TEDxFarmingdale event will showcase ideas that have evolved from their previous iterations and aspire to innovate while honoring their origin foundations. Join us on October 9th at Charlotte's Speakeasy in Farmingdale, Long Island, New York as we present 7 incredible ideas worth spreading. Check in for livestream info as we get closer to the event as well. http://tedxfarmingdale.com


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