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Thankful for You - A Tiny Thanksgiving Soapbox Show

November 25, 2021

Sure, bonus episode 310 of The Launchcast is just shy of 24 minutes in total, but trust us when we say that this Tiny Soapbox Show sticks to the 20 minutes or less rule when it comes to the meat and potatoes of this episode...or should we say the turkey and stuffing since this is our 2021 Thanksgiving show! Join George as he reflects on being thankful through a difficult time and in true holiday spirit, we hear from the children themselves on the meaning of the word thankful as the LaunchDad is joined by 2 of his kids, the LaunchLad and the LaunchLass (one of them may or may not claim that those words are British and not Scottish). Stay tuned until the end as one of the kiddos does their impression of podcast's intro, including goosebumps, "wooo" and the elbow drop. Plenty to be thankful for in this show.

Hosted by entrepreneur and keynote/TEDx speaker George Andriopoulos.

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